"Alexey was my student at Berklee Valencia. From the first moment I heard him I felt a great talent, that together with a huge passion, with no doubt would make him become a great musician he is now."


                                                                                                                             Perico Sambeat


Alexey León Reyes is a saxophonist, flutist born in Manzanillo, Cuba. Winner of the 1st prize at a young jazz musicians competition Jojazz, Havana, Cuba.

He represented the Russian Gnesin Academy of Music at the BT River of Music Festival, organized by the British Council  playing in the Matthew Herbert Big Band during the celebration of the Olympic Games in London in 2012. He performed at Moscow International House of Music, The grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, Chaikovsky Concert Hall as a member of Gnesin Academic Big Band and Gnesin Saxophone Quartet.

In the spring of 2013, he received the Michel Camilo scholarship to attend the Master's program in Contemporary music at the Berklee College of Music, Campus of Valencia to study with the acclaimed musicians and educators Perico Sambeat, Alain Pérez, Polo Ortí.


His debut album "Cuba meets Russia", released by the label Sedajazz, was chosen for the Spanish jazz show case Jazz eñe and was presented at the Rialto theater in Valencia.


In 2017 Alexey released his  album Alexey Leon Quintet "Cuban connection" featuring Perico Sambeat, Ivan "Melon" Lewis, Carlos Sarduy.

In 2018  Cuban connection was nominated to premio Carles Santos "Mejor disco  de Jazz", Valencia, España.


He performed with Perico Sambeat, Marc Miralta, Danilo Pérez and Berklee Global Jazz Institute, Jack Walrath, Oriente Lopez, Mauricio Zottarelli, Alain Pérez, Javier ¨Caramelo de Cuba¨Masso, Iván "Melón" Lewis, Carlos Sarduy among other musicians.

He performed at London BT River of music festival (UK), Amerfoort Jazz Festival (Netherlands), Madrid Jazz Festival (Spain),  Terral (Malaga, Spain), Valencia Jazz Festival (Spain), etc.

Alexey is currently living in  Valencia and is active on the Spanish jazz scene.

 Scholarships and awards

 2018  Cuban connection nominado al premio Carles Santos "Mejor disco  de Jazz", Valencia, España

 2017  1er premio interpretación, XX concurso de jovenes jazistas, JoJazz,  la Habana, Cuba

 2017  Best group prize, V Festival de Jazz Johnny Raducanu, Braila, Romania

 2017  I premio, Concurs Jazz Jove, XXI Festival de jazz Palau de la música de Valencia

 2016  Premio Mejor Grupo", IV Concurso Portón del Jazz, Malaga, Spain

 2015  Premio Juan Claudio Cifuentes "Mejor solista", el VI Concurso de Jazz UJI, Spain

 2015  Jazz Eñe, SGAE, Valencia, Spain

 2014  Michel Camilo Scholarship, Valencia, Spain

 2013  1st prize for improvisation and best ensemble, Gnesin Jazz Fest, Moscow, Russia

 2012  2nd prize, VIII competition of young improvisers, Rostov, Russia

 2011   3nd prize, The voice of saxophone in the modern world, Moscow, Russia

 2010  2nd prize,  Jazz Competition XXI New Generation, Moscow, Russia

 2009  1st prize, Modern Saxophone competition, Cheboksary, Russia

 2005-2008 Scholarship from ¨our culture and heritage¨ fund, Moscow, Russia



2021 Alexey León y los tigres de Bengala (coming soon)

Javier Masso "Caramelo"/Carlos Sarduy/Marc Miralta /Reinier Elizarde "El Negrón" /Pedro Parblo Rodriguez/ Georvis Pico

2020 Alexey Leon Quartet "Okudzhava for my mother" (coming soon)

Evgeny Lebedev/Makar Novikov/Ignat Kravcov

2018 Alexey Leon Quintet "Cuban connection"

Perico Sambeat/Carlos Sarduy/Ivan "Melon" Lewis/Dany Noel/Ivan Cebrian/Matt Baker/Kumar Sublevao Beat/Frank Durand

2015 ¨Cuba meets Russia¨

Voro Garcia/Piotr Orzhechowski/Alberto Palau/ Aless Cessarini/ Mariano Steimberg/ Javier Vercher/Max Ridley

Recordings as a sideman

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 12.00.16 PM.pn

2018 Sergio Pereira "Nu Brazil"

(Zoho records)

Perico Sambeat/ Oriente Lopez/Voro Garcia/ Marcus Teixeira/Mauricio Zottarelli/Victoria Pilatovic/Ariel Ramirez/Paula Santoro/Gabriel Grossi/Baptiste Bailly

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 11.59.26 AM.pn

2018 Sedajazz Big Band "Compendium"

(Sedajazz Records)

Saxo Alto _ Perico Sambeat
Saxo Alto_ Alexey León
Saxo Tenor_ Vicente Macián
Saxo Tenor_ Joan Benavent
Saxo Barítono_ Fco. A. Blanco "Latino"
Trompeta_ Voro García
Trompeta_ Raúl García
Trompeta_ Fede Crespo
Trompeta_ Pep Zaragoza
Trombón_ Carlos Martin
Trombón_ Toni Belenguer
Trombón_ Vicente Pérez
Tuba_ Javi Boluda
Piano_ Alberto Palau
Guitarra- Iván Cebrián
Contrabajo_ Aless Cessarini
Batería_ Felip Santandreu
Percusión_ Carlos Llidó

2016 Sebastian Laverde "Alma en Clave"

Iván "Melón" Lewis/ Georvis Pico/Pedro Pablo Rodriguez/ Alberto Palau/Aless Cessarini

2017 Santi Navalón "Elektrik jazz mantra"

Voro Garcia/ Iván Cebrian/Javier Vercher/ Dany Noel/Frank Durand

Alexey León

2020 Alexey Leon